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The Company: is a division of its parent organization, Millennium 3 Publishing (M3P). Founded in 1999, Millennium 3 Publishing provides an eclectic array of internet services to the business-to-business and general population web communities. Millennium 3 Publishing was created for, and remains dedicated to, using the Internet to provide information and services for living and prospering in the 21st Century. The company currently operates the following websites:
  Devoted to providing affordable online merchandising solutions for webmasters and pagemasters who wish to maximize the promotional and ecommerce potential of their sites.
  Administrator of the Text Exchange Network and provider of FREE content, exposure, and performance reporting, via the "plugin-able" PersonalPortal and the growing number of Text Exchange Network members.
  Provider of affordable remotely hosted website technologies that can be "plugged in" easily by webmasters or pagemasters. Services include Contact-Us and Recommend-To-A-Friend processing, virtual bookmarking, and dynamic forums.
  Simple but feature rich FREE classified advertising site.
  The first Millennium 3 Publishing property. Set up to facilitate browsing of the huge database of personal prosperity reports contained at the site and to encourage FREE downloads of the reports themselves.

Our President (and Webmaster):
  The President and founder of Millennium 3 Publishing, who by the way is the developer of all the M3P sites, is James R. Raposa Jr. He brings more than 20 years of information systems and marketing experience to Millennium 3 Publishing and to the Internet. With a background in everything from insurance and manufacturing, to fulfillment and retail, Mr. Raposa approaches the Internet with a unique perspective. To reach him with any questions (and by all means, with any answers), he can be reached at His resume can be viewed at

Privacy Statement:
  At we are commited to protecting the privacy of our valued members and visitors. We absolutely never share individually identifiable information about our members or visitors with any third parties. We do collect anonymous site usage statistics that from time to time we may use to enhance our site experience or provide to third parties in order to obtain more targeted content for our site from them.

Limited Warranty of Performance: does not warranty or otherwise promise that the service it provides, the information it stores, or the information it links to or contained within its pages is without error. The service provides is licensed on an "as is" basis without guarantee, and does not guarantee that the service will meet the user's requirements; that it will operate in the combinations or on the equipment selected by the user; or that its operation will be error free or without interruption. Neither party shall be liable for consequential or incidental damages or for any lost profits or any claim or demand of a similar nature or kind.

Copyrights: respects the copyrights of the pages we link to and we always make it a point to reference the source of the information whenever possible. Anyone believing that we have infringed upon their copyright should contact us immediately so that we can remove the offending link. reserves all rights to the concepts and designs of the pages which reside at our domain, the concepts and designs of as a whole, and the name and logo.

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