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Join Now, and in 10 minutes you could:
· Put these 7 automated moneymakers to work on your site:
> SponsorBox House Ads - Text ads promoting your affiliate links and offers
> House Words - Automatically linked words in your content promoting your affiliate links and offers
> House Links - Interstitial landing pages promoting your affiliate links and offers
> Auto Feeds - Targeted offers from Clickbank, Amazon, and GenieKnows PPC, all coded with your affiliate id, which automatically populate SponsorBoxes on your site
> SponsorBox Buyer Ads - Text ads purchased right off your site by motivated advertisers
> SponsoredWords - Word and phrase sponsorships purchased right off your site by motivated advertisers
> SponsoredLinks - Interstitials purchased right off your site by motivated advertisers
· Appear for Free in our categorized
AdSpace Online Network directory.
It's indexed by Google EVERY DAY which means phenomenal exposure if you're a member.
· Start promoting your affiliate links and generating revenue
· Begin to identify your best converting promotions
· Have the ability to automatically observe promotion schedules or deliver ads on specific days of the week, or even at specific times of the day anywhere in the world
· Finally have a central and connected place to manage ecommerce codes (affiliate codes, auction codes, promotional codes, etc.) and payment information
· Have access to advertising tools for your site from anywhere with an Internet connection
· Have a Free or low-cost way to serve YOUR dynamic marketing content for Google's AdSense Alternate Ads Feature
· Start accepting secure payments (i.e. credit cards, echecks, PayPal transfers) from advertisers via our integrated payment system
Otherwise, in 10 minutes you'll:
· Still be adding promotional Html code to your pages by hand
· Continue to be constrained by limited web page "real estate"
· Be forever stuck with far too many pages to update manually
· Still be haunted by accidental Html coding errors
· Continue to have no time to develop, debug, and implement enhanced ecommerce features
· Prolong the loss of earning opportunities every time Google's "public service messages" display whenever they can't serve up ads related to your content
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